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As a game player, I prefer the character of jeweler, althrough it needs to spend some time and cost, it can quickly brings you  growing. I can use seldom metal and wood to produce the jewelry that sometimes can sell at high prices.

The raw materials of the characters we played are very expensive. Many making processes require to prepare a lot of expensive precious stone and rare wood. In addition, there have many different kinds of jewelry on the market, a large part of them is easy to see.We must make the important decision that which jewelry we want to make and can redound upon the results of our work.We produce the attribute reel, such as the agility ring or the carpenter cutting amulet, which is an effective way that can enhance  our roles and also can make products more secure.

However, this is not absolute, before as a carpenter cutting or a miner,then become a jeweler,the further career has many superiority: As long as we can provide the necessary raw materials ourselves, then the cost of making will remain at a very low level.

Ring anfertigen:manufacturing the ring

Now let’s start making the ring now! Rush to the nearest jeweler workshop,with a knife instead of our weapons. Click the job board to choose “making the ring.” Then follow the amount shown on the making formula,put the raw material into the stove.

In order to make our rings, it needs these different incredible raw meterials, such as the wild sunflower leaves through the glutton’s slaver swallowing Miracle Powder. Some materials are not required, but others are essential: especially the wood and ores which are occupied very big one part of our making menu. We can get our raw materials through a variety of ways, especially can get from the carpenter cutting and the miner.

In the initial stage of the career, we only can make simple items. Using two different types of raw materials (2 cells).  Practice makes perfect, to gain experience through time accumulation then can gradually contact complex making menu(using more raw materials). The following list shows the different making menu levels, as well as the necessary career levels that can unlock those.

2 cells (start from level 1)
3 cells (start from level 10)
4 cells (start from level 20)
5 cells (start from level 40)
6 cells (start from level 60)
7 cells (start from level 80)
8 cells (start from level 100)

The more complex our making formula, the more experience we can gain as well as the more powerful items. This applies to all careers of handicraft industries. but the lower our level, the higher failure probability.