Two brand-new trees: the elder tree and the crystal tree was brought to RuneScape 3 on Oct 8, according to the latest news of Jagex. Both of these trees will offer new training opportunities to high-level woodcutters.

Elder Trees

First of all, you must be a RuneScape 3 member. The elder trees are only accessible at level 90 Woodcutting and can be sought out at ten locations around the world of RuneScape 3, including North of Legends Guild; South of Yanille; Northwest of Gnome Stronghold bank; South of Draynor Village bank; North of Falador Farm, southeast of Falador; South of Varrock, south of the Chaos altar; Near magic trees, south west of Lletya; Piscatoris hunter area; South of Edgeville, near the Stronghold of Safety; Directly south of Melzar’s Maze, West of POH Portal in Rimmington.

Besides that, you will get good Woodcutting XP when you cut them, and their logs will be useful, which can be used in a variety of skilling activities. Fletchers of level 90 and above can make new elder shortbows and shieldbows with fletching skill; firemakers even can burn them for great Firemaking XP. You’ll be able to sell them too to earn precious coins.

The elder trees grow back more slowly than other trees, after 5 minutes of continued chopping, elder trees are depleted of branches and become unavailable to players on all worlds until they regrow. It takes roughly 10 minutes of in-game time for elder trees to completely regrow. Though, it’s not possible to grow elder trees through the farming skill, and the elder planks cannot be used in construction.